Our Networks

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SCOVI facilitates and supports a number of groups and networks linked with the Visual Impairment field in Scotland.  These include:

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SCOVI Trustee Board
SCOVI Members’ Forum
SCOVI Service Providers’ Forum
SCOVI Children & Young People’s Sub Group



SCOVI is also actively involved in a range of wider organisations, working groups, fora and policy networks including the following:

Parliamentary Cross-Party Group on Visual Impairment
See Hear, the Scottish Government Strategy on Sensory Impairment
Social Work Scotland
Visual Impairment Network for Children and Young People in Scotland (VINCYP)
Scottish Stroke, Vision and Hearing Network (SSVHN)
Scottish Vision Strategy Advisory Group facilitated by RNIB Scotland
Vision 20/20 UK
UKAAF: UK Association for Accessible Formats